Sunday, September 30, 2007

Everything Starting Again

I've been busy seeing and revewing films, plays and the odd exhibition, such as the 'First Emperor: China's Terracotta Warrors' at the British Museum. It was uncanny, being so close to the figures which had been buried for more than 2,ooo years.

I went to the London Film Festival Launch on the 13th and my press badge came in the post a few days ago. In theory I could go to all the daytime screenings for free as well as the Press Shows but after last year I'm going to be much more careful. I saw far too many and didn't allow enough time to write reviews. It even put me off reviewing for a while. Well, I'm older and wiser now - I hope. It doesn't start until the 17th October. I've ticked off the Chinese films in the catalogue and they alone are enough to keep me busy.

Besides, my language classes have started so I need to set aside some study time.

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