Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seven Go Off to Cornwall

'Isn't Porth rather a long way to go for four days?'

'Not if you like driving , Mum. Besides, it's only 60 miles off the M4'

Son D has booked a converted barn that sleeps seven.

He's more or less right in terms of mileage but I remember from last time that Cornwall has all these winding lanes and no proper signage, so what looks OK on the map ends up taking ages. How easy can it be to spot Gusti Veor, or St Columb Minor ? Not to mention Tumuli.

Where we're headed isn't even in Porth itself. It makes sense, I suppose, that a barn would be out in the countryside

So we're setting off Thursday morning, R and I , with daughter C and former husband J (don't ask) in the back seat and we'll be over-nighting at a Travelodge in Bath. D's driving the fractious teenagers all the way down there on Friday. Good luck to him, is what I say.

'Best bring a torch', is his parting shot. 'The pub's a mile away across the fields.'


Katy said...

I'm most envious that you're going to Cornwall for a few days - have a wonderful time Sheila.

Sheila Cornelius said...

Thanks, Katy. The air here is fantastically freah, and I'm glad to say I've even managed to catch a Wifi connection! Hope your Easter goes well, too.