Friday, May 22, 2009

In the Right Order

The Garrick Theatre's location does it no favours. It's tucked away between the library and the bank at the bottom of Charing Cross Road. Even a flashy show like Zorro, with the music piped onto the pavement, couldn't compete for attention with the giant hoardings outside the Palace Theatre in Cambridge Circus. They've had some good shows here, though - excellent Zorro , and the best An Inspector Calls I've ever seen.

I was intrigued when I passed earlier in the week. Workmen were arranging what looked like oversized fridge-magnet letters across the pavement, some of them reversed. Only the sign near the door told me it was all in aid of A Little Night Music, transferring from the even more modestly located Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre in Southwark. Looks to have a good cast, so I'll be watching out for preview offers. Hope they get the letters up in the right order.

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