Friday, June 12, 2009

Bring me Sunshine

Another success at bidding for a free preview. This one was on Sunday morning, but on locally, at the Greenwich Odeon. No surprises that only half the seats were taken

'I'm good at getting a guy to want me - not to date me, or to marry me, but to want me', says twenty-something single mom Rose.

'You were the best cheerleader in High School', says her old school chum

'Cheerleading isn't a very marketable skill', responds Rose.

So maybe that's what this rather rambling film is trying to tell us: get some qualifications if you don't want to end up as a single mum having to clean people's houses to support yourself and child.

As an ex-teacher I had to approve. The media are forever assuring young people success has nothing to do with exams, so at least it was refreshing.

It's a shame the rest of this upbeat tale contradicts itself. Nothing ever seems to get these people down . Heroine Rose is played by 'perky' Amy Adams, her sister by 'quirky' Emily Blunt and their grandfather by 'irascible' Alan Arkin. It's all slightly amusing, and what would be disasters if they happened to normal people just don't have any impact.

So the actual message is ' Carry on mopping '

Sunshine Cleaning:

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