Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Candida by George Bernard Saw at the Greenwich Playhouse

I nearly didn't get to see this interesting play, which would have been a pity because I gave it four stars when I reviewed it for Remotegoat. The young man at the box office hadn't been notified that I'd be there and seemed to think I was trying out some get-into-theatres-free ruse.

When he finally relented he said he'd run out of programmes. I was flustered by then and said I couldn't do a review if I didn't have the names of all the participants. I was all for leaving and went back into the bar, but my partner persuaded me not to. Luckily, he's suave and tactful at times when I feel embarrassed and angry.

By then the young man had found a photocopy of the programme.

What made it worse was that there were only a dozen people in the audience, it being a Wednesday night. You could argue either way as to whether the box office man was conscientous or officious, I suppose.

In future, I'll note the name and number of the theatre contact, as supplied by Remotegoat, just in case the person at the box office is mistrustful. It wouldn't do me any harm, either, to copy some of my escort's manners.

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