Monday, July 30, 2012

Death and Deadline: The Doctor's Dilemma by GB Shaw at The Lyttleton Theatre

Coincidences dog my footsteps, usually in a good way. Yesterday, the remaining entry  required to complete  a crossword was the name of a Michigan University town. I had some letters filled in:  A--  / A--o-. Two hours later, Roy read an article about finals of a  bridge tournament which took  place in Ann Arbour.

My favourite coincidence occurred in northern Spain, where I did a stint as a volunteer teacher a couple of years ago.  I bought book about the ancient city where I was living: a collection of part -literary part-historical essays . As I made for the door, the shopkeeper called 'El Maestro! El Maestro!' She introduced me to the author, an eminent local journalist and poet who just happened to be passing . He came back to the shop and  signed my copy. * The following week his daughter happened to be in a  class I ran for local Spanish teachers.  Carmen and I became friends.

I wish all  coincidences were so  pleasant, unlike the latest one that happened to me. GBS wrote The Doctor's Dilemma to prove that he could write a play about death. On the day I sat down to review it, my son reminded me that I was to attend the funeral of a family friend.

There was no way I could make the  mid-day deadline because I had to leave at 11am and didn't get back until 4pm.

The resulting review was rushed.  Never mind - here it is on  The Public Reviews website.

* There's an  account of this incident in the entry for Saturday October 24th 2009 in this blog


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