Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye (for now) to all This

'There's a glut', said the Lewisham market trader on Friday, shovelling 50p's worth of green beans, about 2 kilos, into a huge bag. I love them, but a dodgy tum caused by over-consumption nearly kept me indoors yesterday. I'm glad I vowed to stick to bread and go out anyway.

R went off to Oxford Street to buy trousers that will be comfortable in 30 degrees of heat, and I arrived at Regents Park Bandstand at 4pm. I jigged a bit to Brazilian Jazz and gave altruistic D some sponsor money for walking on coals to support Air Ambulances. I talked to her about Madrid, where she now lives. I hope to meet up with her there on my way to Castile-Leon in October. Music by Samara was mellow, and it was an-all-family-plus-dogs affair, very good-natured, although the lead singer said she'd be glad to leave the 'English Summer' behind.

I've never seen a bad production at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, and the last time was Pinocchio with the grandchildren, in the heat of a July afternoon. Friday's visit was more magical, though, a packed audience laughing and shrieking as thunder and lightning and a heavy shower delayed the start of Hello Dolly. It was a beautifully-designed production of a fairly vapid musical. I loved the choreography of the waiters' scene in the second half, all arm-flinging in soldierly formation, but the best part was snuggling under a double sleeping bag in the back row with R . Good thing I still hadn't stowed all the camping gear.

So, after writing this last blog for a while, I must clear up the bedside clutter and clean some floors before we pack for Italy. It's been a really hectic August, what with having to disassemble my plans for the Winter just after I'd made them, so I can spend two months volunteering in Spain, the camping trip and D's job search. Not to mention the new lodger. At least we'll know someone is clearing the letterbox. The temporary postman is too harrassed to push things all the way through.

(Maybe there'll be time to catch the new Almodovar release at West India Quay Cineworld. I don't want to risk it having gone by the time we get back on the 8th. )

So a temporary goodbye to London. I hope 30 degrees of heat in Liguria will lead to a week of nothing more stimulating than reading and daily seaside strolls.

Firewalk for London Air Ambulances:

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