Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Travelling Companion

'Friend! Friend!' The toddler patted the window in the shopping centre. Apart from the squeaky voice, blonde hair and cherubic face , it was a re-run of Boris Karloff in the Frankenstein film, trying out the new word the nice blind man taught him. (The only character in the film not to run screaming at the sight of the craggy creature with a bolt through his neck)

It seemed strange, when the window was devoted to a set of matching luggage. Luckily, his mother knew what he meant.

'Yes, I do like the suitcases', she said.' But they're pink. Mummy doesn't do pink.'

I'd just called in at the shop next door, pricing up medium-sized travel-bags. Surely the heavy clothes I'd need for half a Castile-Leon Winter wouldn't fit into my cabin bag. The ones I'd seen carried price tags between £30 and £40 - too steep; just as well I've started looking a month before I'm due to go.

The medium pink one in the window was only £15, 'reduced' from £20. I ask myself does it really matter what colour of luggage I have? For a 50% price reduction, this mummy would most definitely do pink!

The Curse of Frankenstein (1931)


Debralondon said...

and you will spot it easily on the conveyor belt at the other end! I was tempted to go for something jazzy but ended up with a grey-ish one from the Clarks factory shop in Peckham which is where I get all my "posh" luggage items and cheap shoes.

Sheila Cornelius said...

Debbie, I didn't actually buy the pink suitcase. Far too early in price-comparison process. I'll investigate the Clarks shop. Peckham's only 3 mins by train from here. Market stalls good, too. There's one outside Russell Square tube I've noticed sells cheap bags.

julie70 said...

I love the pink suitcases! great story too!

Sheila Cornelius said...

Thanks, Julie. Yes, they do make a nice picture, don't they, although I'm sure you'd have made a better one still.