Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Head over Heart in Love: Sense and Sensibility at The Rosemary Branch N1

I made heavy weather of getting to and from The Rosemary Branch,  a pub theatre in Islington that often appears on the to-review lists. Perhaps the reason I hadn't tried before was because when I posted the post code into the Journeys in London site it came up with three different transport stages to get there

Never mind , this time it would be worth it, because I knew it was one of Roy's favourites and as I'm familiar with it too I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time researching plot and author.

It did take a while, including the walk from Essex Road tube. 'How did you get here ?' asked the pleasant lady pouring wine, and then she told me about a bus stop outside. Sure enough, when we emerged into the cold after a thoroughly enjoyable performace there was a bus stop opposite, and a 21 bus to Lewisham!

Furthermore, we'd have stayed on it all the way home, except a coach had broken down at the end of King William Street and the bus changed its destination to New Cross. So we got off at London Bridge and took a train instead. Handy to know about for future reference.

Here's my review on the Remote Goat site:

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