Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cliff didn't mean Lowestoft

Maybe I thought myself too mature for the early 1960s pop music scene. In 1963 I turned 20 and was living in Portsmouth, where my husband was a full-time student at the Polytechnic, so maybe there was too much going on in my immediate circle to take much notice. I remember we played a lot of  Subuteo, when I wasn't busy as an unqualified teacher in a local junior school. All the same, it was there in the background, I suppose, on the radio.

Luckily, I have a  music-loving friend who lives a short walk away from Churchill Theatre, Bromley. So when I volunteered to  review  'Save the Last Dance for Me'  and it was one of Roy's bridge nights, I was very happy to have Diana sitting next to me to offer comments.

'Mm, the choeography looks a bit samey', I'd say, thinking it was mainly arm- waving,' but she remind me the stage was a tad small. Another thing she noticed, which I probably never would, was how well individuals played their instruments. For me the sounds were pleasant and faintly familiar from a rock n roll era that never really captured my attention when I was of an age to appreciate it.

Here's my review on The Public Reviews website:

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