Friday, February 03, 2012

A Lot  to Sing About: 'Next Time I'll Sing to You' at The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond

I saw this play last November and forgot to post the blog. A recent visit to Richmond's other theatre (see below) reminded me to look it up.

This must be one of  the best fringe theatres venue in London. For a start, the well-padded seating is arranged on four sides of a smallish central space, so the audience is never far from the actors.

The technical apparatus is good so that  minimal staging is enhanced by state-of-the-art lighting and sound  There's a bar serving reasonably-priced drinks, for, as is often the case with  fringe theatres, it's  attached to a well-attended  pub.

This venue scores well for other criteria, too - it's  within a short walk of a tube/ train station, has an efficient and pleasantly manned box office,  and  a cosy  foyer decked  with photos of previous productions.

The  programme contents were excellent, giving  information about the background and origins of the play and the writer's inspiration plus actor biographies and and a potted theatre history. It certainly eases a reviewer's task.

Here's my review of the play on The Public Reviews website


Matthew Rees said...

The Orange Tree is one of my favourite theatre (it helps that it is just a short bus ride away) and I see everything that they do. I'm going tonight.

Not all of their productions are perfect but I really loved One Day I'll Sing to You for it's challenging approach.

Sheila Cornelius said...

Mattew, thanks for your comment. How lucky to live so near such a lovely theatre. Hope you enjoy tonight's show.

Sheila Cornelius said...

Sorry, I spelt your name wrong, Matthew.