Friday, November 28, 2008

Korean Film Night

Most foreign cultural centres in London lay on freebie events, often with food and drink thrown in. It was a choice of orange or apple juice at the film show at the Korean Cultural Institute in the Strand (entrance opposite The Sherlock Holmes pub in Northumberland Ave) . Not very exotic fare, but still very welcoming.

I wouldn’t say the viewing conditions were optimal, either – four shallow steps at one side of a wide hall, with long thin leather –covered cushions. Tip - for the next free screening, (Thurs. Dec 11th, 7pm) arrive early enough to get a seat at the back, where I can lean against the wall, or ask for a chair to put on one side, like the late-comers. It's free but you have to book in advance.

I’ve never seen a bad Korean film, but mostly they’re firmly in the horror genre. ‘Barking Dogs Never Bite’, directed by Joon-ho Bong, is an entertaining slice-of-life comedy about city dwellers. These include an the academic who needs to raise $10,000 bribe to himself into a professorship, his pregnant wife with a craving for walnuts, two hapless shop workers who dream of TV fame and a sinister janitor who may know something about the pets that keep disappearing.

I noticed there was an art exhibition to check out later, with a wonderful semi-translucent jade tea service. I like jade so much I must have been a Chinese Empress in a former life.

I enjoyed the film but was fidgeting by the end, being unused to sitting with my knees drawn up towards my ears. I may have been an Empress in a former life but I don't have the physique for crouching.
Never mind – looking forward to canapés and wine at a Chinese exhibition opening tomorrow.
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