Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Luck is in.

One of my favourite views is the approach to the coffee shop in Waterstones in Greenwich. It always feels like a reward at the end of a walk across Blackheath and down through the park. It was a cold day when I took the photos, making me think Winter is really on the way. The trees still make a colourful show.
R was ahead and later refused to led me money when I decided to buy ‘Wannabe a Writer?’ by Jane Wenham Jones. I was tired of my Chinese homework, especially as I’d forgotten to bring my magnifying glass and the characters are small in my so-called ‘pocket’ dictionary that weighs at least 2lbs. Another reason I was glad to sit down. Jane’s book made me laugh – well, the section on ‘Writer’s Bottom’ that I read. She writes for the Writers' Magazine I subscribe to.
Trouble is, the book cost £9.99 and I only had £6.50 on me. R took out his wallet to show he didn’t have any cash on him and no, I wasn’t supposed to use the card because we’d agreed we’d only get money once a week and it wasn’t his fault I’d left my spending money at home. He’d come back later in the day, if it was so important.
But there was only one copy! What if it was sold? As R was still in the coffee shop I went over to the desk and hung about for a while. Should I ask them to reserve it? I could pay a deposit. Then I heard the assistant ask a customer if he wanted his loyalty card points taken off the price of a book purchase. Hmm. With the Society of Authors 10% discount and the loyalty points on my own card the price of the book came down to £6.05. Happy Ending - I bought it.

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