Saturday, November 29, 2008

Here's one for a wet Friday:

Crowe and DiCaprio were adequate in Ridley Scott's Body of Lies, a film about American counter-terrorism in the middle east. The real star was Mark Strong, playing a kind of Jordanian James Bond with suits to match. His lean grace and brooding glances enhanced every scene he appeared in. Fortunately there were plenty. The plot’s better than ‘Syriana’, in that I could at least follow it. Amazing establishing shots such as barren Afghanistan mountains roads or the high-rise hotels of a Dubai cityscape were impressive, but never overwhelmed the storyline. For me the critique of casual US violence was too muted, and embedded romance was about as credible as DiCaprio speaking fluent Arabic. High-tec satellite monitoring scenes in command headquarters, demonstrated that an eagle’s eye view was nice and safe but not much use when the enemy kicked up a dust storm. This metaphor for the gap between the generals the and ground fighters delivered a trite message in an entertaining format. Torture scenes were grisly but short.

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