Monday, February 09, 2009

How to Blog
Practice is the best way to improve my writing, I've found, but I do love 'how to write' books. I never thought there were 'how to blog' books, though, until I came across 'The Weblog Handbook' in the library. It's one I wish I'd read a couple of years back.
I already have a good book called 'Writing for the Web'. It was useful for writing general webpage copy but it doesn' specifically cover blogging. This one does and its a well set-out accessible read by an expert.

Rebecca Blood was in on the ground floor with the original bloggers who practically all knew one another.

She defines a blog as 'a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required'

The book goes into reasons to blog and how to choose a 'host' as well as topics like choosing a name; setting a realistic schedule; getting (and keeping) an audience; observing web etiquette; guarding privacy.

I totally agree with what she says about how blogging improves writing:
'If you have something to say, taking the time every day to write it down until it says exactly what you mean will make you a better writer.'

I don't post every day, but I think about how events can be put into words (and pictures) for my next post. Hopefully, with practice, I will improve.

Rebecca Blood's book:

Writing for the Web:

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Joanna said...

Thanks for the reminder - I'm in the library now using their printer. Must see if I can get this book out.