Monday, February 02, 2009

A Pleasure Deferred

It's all very well the radio saying don't go out unless your journey is really necessary, but I'd been looking forward to 'La Boheme' for weeks. I've only been to about three live operas before, all amateur productions, so this will be a treat. I loved the film of 'La Boheme' with Pavarotti, but you couldn't take him seriously as an artist starving in an attic.

I could take the DLR from Lewisham, change at Canary Wharf onto the Jubilee Line, then walk from Waterloo.

Besides, if not so many people can make it to the Coliseum I can probably turn it to my advantage and change to a better seat in the interval. 'It's bound to be cancelled', says R, who knows his bridge game won't happen, but what about 'the show must go on' and all that, I'm thinking.

He tells me it's going to be broadcast live on Sky Arts but I know the the dish can can play up when it snows, so I'll need reassuring. We watch a very interesting programme about Gaudi in Barcelona, but sure enough, as the flakes fall faster outside, so the picture begins to crackle and freeze, just like the weather. So I can't rely on it for this evening. It'll be a pity to get there and find it's cancelled, but even worse to miss it.

Suddenly, the problem's solved- an email from ENO tells me the show is cancelled, and I can swap my ticket for a another date later in the week. Most civilised. So I'm set for a double helping of Coronation Street and the opera still to look forward to. All being well.

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