Sunday, February 08, 2009

Treasures from Shanghai at the British Museum

It's not what I'd call 'treasures' - a few Neolithic jade axe-heads and some ungainly bronze cooking pots. Not that they've been used for cooking- they're connected with obscure ceremonial rites. Admittedly, they're highly decorated, too, but the carved or raised patterns are so stylised so you have to scrutinise them to make out animals and birds. Shame, because I've been to the Shanghai art gallery and museum and it really does have some 'treasures'.

I might attend one or two of the talks to improve my appreciation level.

The exhibition's free, and all in one room, at the end of the 'Grenville Shop'. Now that has some real treasures: 'exhibition watches' at £85, a 'Gilgamesh resin relief' at £150 and 'cuneiform scarves' at £60 each. As Arthur Dailey would say, it's a right little goldmine.

Details of the Exhibition

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